Best Android apps this week

Get Flipboard on Android before you're supposed to! Plus more worthy apps and games that have made it to Google Play

Pix'n Love Rush £1.19

You're rewarded with crazier and crazier glowing pixellated graphics as you shoot down baddies and collect bonuses in this fast-paced retro Android game. Run Pixel Cat run.

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Light Robot £Free

Robot – check. Puzzle game – check. Programming – we're sold. Your aim is to light up the factory your bot's hanging out in and the only way to do it is to set repetitive commmands. Requires a bit more thinking than the average Android game but that's no bad thing.

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PhotoCircle £Free

This cross-platform photo-sharing app is perfect for one-off events like parties and weddings or replacing WhatsApp for image-heavy group chats. PhotoCircle automatically connects users in close proximity and then syncs photos added by anyone pretty much instantly – when you aren't physically with your mates, it also works over SMS and email.

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CoPilot GPS £Free

This upgraded version of CoPilot's navigation app might as well be new – it now gives you free offline access to maps and the option to buy voice navigation packages so you don't need to rinse your data allowance, not to mention your Android phone's battery, on long journeys.

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Flipboard £Free

OK this one's not exactly official yet but Flipboard's all over Android now thanks to the app's outing at last week's Samsung Galaxy S3 launch. This magazine-style app gives you big images and headlines in a beautiful UI and you can download it now from the xda developers forum.

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