Best Android apps this week

We've served up some of the best new apps this week to keep your trusty Android phone on its toes

SwiftKey 3 Beta £free

Version three of SwiftKey's super-smart predictive typing tool is even better, with the latest version now able to automatically split joined up words (likethis), resulting in the speediest, most accurate touchscreen typing experience we've seen to date. Sign up for the beta here, and take your fingers for a spin.

Instagram £free

The insanely popular hipster photo app of choice has finally left the bowels of iOS to spread its love to Android devices. A wide choice of different filter effects to add a dash of character to your snaps are on offer, and the ability to share your photos in a simple photo stream is a handy way to show off and view other people's creations, like our masterpiece above.

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Gun & Blood £free

Gun & Blood is packed full of more than 80 levels of bullet-ridden battles, explosions, and unsurprisingly, guns and blood. With more than 100 gun accessories to keep you busy and a fully stocked weapon store, fighting terrorists on your lunch break has never been easier.

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Another World £3.31

The 20th anniversary edition of Another World is a re-release of the classic 1991 debut title which sees you fill the shoes of a young physics researcher hurtled into a dangerous world. New touch controls and the ability to switch between the original graphics and new HD visuals with remastered sound should offer plenty of action for old and new fans alike.

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Canabalt HD £1.99

This monochromatic action-packed platformer is chock full of shiny new 3D backgrounds and slick animations. With an online score board to keep you on your toes and a one finger control scheme, something this simple shouldn't be this fun, but it is.

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