Best Android apps this week

You'll look damn foolish without these brand spanking new Android apps by the end of the weekend. They're for real. We promise.

Temple Run £Free

45 million iOS downloads can't be wrong – our favourite, free high-speed endless running game (believe us) is now on Android. Your mates will no doubt already have high scores to compare so its up to you to leap over and around obstacles to defend your Indiana Jones-style casual gaming honour.

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L.A. Noire Touch edition (through OnLive) £Free/ £24.99

OK so this isn't a new app but a new game you can buy through the OnLive app. A must for Android tablets, L.A. Noire gets the touchscreen treatment after Rockstar has taken its sweet time to optimise the game but now you can get access to five new cases plus extra challenges, suits and weapons too.

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Fitbit £Free

If you picked up a Fitbit Wireless Tracker, you'll need this free Android app to make the most of your sickening new health initiative. Log food, water, workouts and how much your hunk of junk weighs when you sync with the motion sensor widget plus it will calculate how far you've travelled and how many calories you've burned.

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The Humble Bundle for Android 2 Pay-what-you-want

The Humble Bundle is back – and this time you can pay anything you like for five games including Canabalt (going for £1.99 anyway), Zen Bound 2, Cogs, Snuggle Truck! and Avadon: The Black Fortress plus give money to charity while you're doing it. Hurry up though, the deal ends on 2nd April.

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Apptro £Free

If you're not a fan of Onavo's UI but like the money-saving idea, try Apptro which also tracks which apps are sucking the most life out of your monthly plan. It also lets you share and swap app ideas with your mates and how long you've spent using each one.

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And one more incredible Android app...

Solar Charger £Free

Not too long ago this app was in the Top Five on the Android Market – it charges your phone using the sun when you leave it out. Clever indeed. Download on 1st April for the full effect – to fool your mates that is not charge your phone with a fake app. Obviously.

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