Best Android apps this week

Five new Android apps to give your smartphone a slap in the face – and they're all free

BeatStep £Free

Set up a slow song playlist, fast song playlist and a speed limit and BeatStep will fade between the two whenever you speed up or slow down when running or cycling. The app measures your speed using your blower's GPS plus it will show you the artist, title and coverart in-app.

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Dropbox £Free

Dropbox got a pretty hefty update this week for Android – you can now automatically sync all your photos and video to the cloud via the app. Early birds get 3GB of storage for free too.

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Cartoon Camera £Free

We're not normally ones to rave about photo filters – but Cartoon Camera is one free download that's probably worth some of your precious smartphone storage space. It cartoonifies and sketchifies all your photos. We know they're not really words but you know what we mean.

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Mathway £Free

Cheat app alert! This app will solve algebra, trigonometry and statistics problems for you and then tell you how to do it yourself (in the premium version). Imagine if this had existed when we were at school – more reliant on tech but more time to play games. Hmm, tough call.

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Ceramic Destroyer £Free

A little different to the RPGs and level-heavy games we usually feature, Ceramic Destroyer appealed to our inner kid – use your catapult to blast different ceramics into smithereens in this free game. Points are awarded for how fully you take them down, though – so it's more than just a touchscreen-basher.

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