Best Android apps this week

Your Android smartphone will welcome this latest batch of apps with its invisible open arms

UberMusic £2.14

Download this gorgeous customisable music player for Android and you won't go back to your drab standard player. As well as its range of UI skins, UberMusic has true shuffling (you won't hear a track twice) and scrobbling support from

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Exfoliate £1.84

No, we're not suddenly peddling men's grooming products. This new Android app automatically deletes old content from Facebook. It's not just your wall, it includes any comments you've posted elsewhere over six months or a year ago on the social network with questionable privacy policies.

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Roboto £1.84 (until 8th August)

Roboto is a polished side-scrolling platformer in which you play a robot on a rocketboard racing to save his robo-girlfriend. It's a big game so you'll need the processing power but its worth it for over 30 levels, boss battles and mini games.

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The Economist £Free

Finally, The Economist shows some love for Android users. The editor's top six stories of the week are complete freebies but if you want to download each week's issue to your smartphone, with full audio editions, you need to subscribe.

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NCP Car Park Finder £Free

This free app is an antidote to road-rage fuelled parking hysteria. Just enter your final destination and the app will give you a map showing nearby NCP car parks (all 600-plus of them) as well as parking charges and walking distances to where you're going. And... breathe.

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