Best Android apps this week

The Android App Army marches on in its mission to destroy the App Store – here's five excellent new comrades

Humble Bundle for Android Up to you

Get three popular Android games – Osmos, Anomaly and Edge – for however much you feel like paying and Humble Bundle will throw in the excellent World of Goo if you pay more than the average. Plus you can then play the games on your PC or Mac for no cost, and some of the profits go to charity. Win-win-win.

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Aviary Photo Editor £Free

Actually a plug-in that you can access when you hit 'share' on your snaps, Aviary Photo Editor is well worth a download. You can crop, flip and rotate photos as well as adjusting brightness, saturation and contrast. There's also teeth whitening and blemish removal – for anyone less good-looking than the Stuff team.

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London Bus Master 99p

If you're a Londoner and you haven't made the leap to bus app joy, do it now with London Bus Master for Android. With nearby stops, useful maps and live countdowns you'll wonder why you ever got on a dirty, stuffy, 3G-less tube.

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Sonic 4: Episode 1 £2.56

Sonic returns! Kind of. If you weren't mad keen on Sonic CD, give the super-charged fuzzball another chance with Sonic 4: Episode 1. Classic moves meet new and exclusive levels designed for smartphone accelerometers plus anyone who's missed Dr Eggman will be pretty happy.

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RingDimmer 99p

Not the most exciting of apps at first glance but a clever one – RingDimmer automatically adjusts your ringtone to match the noise around you. So if you're in a silent meeting it'll barely make a squeak but in a club it's the equivalent of your phone shouting down your ear to be heard over the racket.

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