Best Android apps this week

We've brought back five little slabs of app gold from over the Android rainbow

UpNext HD Maps £Free

More virtual reality than Google Maps rival, UpNext gives you funky 3D maps (of US cities for now) with tap and search to discover what's going on in the buildings around you. Recent maps are cached offline incase your 3G croaks it.

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Wikipedia £Free

Oh how we missed you last week, Wikipedia. And to reward us for our loyalty you've gone and brought out an Android app with saveable and shareable pages. The everyman reference site translates well to smartphone displays with full screen search. Essential.

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Osmos HD £3.18

Osmos is a spaced out eat'em up that's made its way from iOS onto Android phones and, in HD, tablets. Flick the screen to 'warp' (i.e. speed up or slow down) time as you gobble up other organisms in the Blobiverse to the sounds of a chilled out electro soundtrack.

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SyncSMS £1.92

Send and receive texts from your Android tablet via your phone with the SyncSMS app. One download gets you the app on both devices and the only requirement is that they are both connected to Wi-Fi or 3G – it doesn't even have to be the same network. Time-saving genius.

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Evi (beta) £Free

This voice assistant is built on the same tech – Nuance – as Siri and features UK listings for a quick fix to the usual restaurant finding nightmares. It won't hook up to your alarm or calendar but it can help with finding fast facts. And it's free, what more do you want?

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