Best Android apps this week

There's still time to upgrade your smartphone before the big guns out their 2012 line-ups, starting with these apps

Grabatron £1.28

If you like alien flicks but always wondered what it would be like to be the big baddie in the sky, here's your chance. You can grab and abduct poor, innocent humans in this big ol' UFO game. Crushing is also an option.

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Tab Pro £2.58

Learning to play the guitar in-app is nothing new but Tab Pro's been a hit for iPhone with its massive 100,000 song catalogue and easy to use, horizontal scrolling fretboard set-up. And now Android owners can get in on the rifftastic action.

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The Night Sky 69p

One for impressing the ladies – just find a romantic spot/ empty car park and then point your phone's camera (or even better tablet) up to the heavens. This fantastic app will use your GPS to work out what you're seeing and overlay the names of stars, planets and galaxies onto your screen.

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Airbnb £Free

Hotels are great – we love the cleaning service, the room service and the TVs in fancy bathrooms. But airbnb is for more adventurous travellers, letting you browse anything from castles to rent for a week to cheap tiny box flats – across 192 countries.

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Little Empire £Free

Tower defense games are rarely cool, but Little Empire makes up for its lack of street cred with its cute 3D building style, tons of scope for battling with friends and non-existent price tag. It's location based too – so an unwelcome visit from a mate could turn into full on war.

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