Best Android apps this week

Don't worry, we haven't forgot all you loyal 'Droid wielders among the chaos of CES. Here's your app fill for this week

Zombie Dash £free

If you found your local high street crawling with the undead, would you go back inside and cower under a blanket? We probably would, but you look much braver.

Train for the inevitable zombie uprising with Zombie Dash, a wave-based zombie shooter adventure filled with weapons, explosions and classic arcade controls. Braaaaaains.

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Paper Racing £free

We like to keep things classy here at Stuff but every now and again we like to unwind and get a little silly. Paper Racing is a quick, yet oddly addicting little number which sees you trying to unroll a roll of toilet paper as quick as you can in a bid to keep the coveted high score.

Can also be used as a distraction for pesky cats who are forever shredding real loo roll, curse them.

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Vimeo £free

Everyone's favourite YouTube alternative now has an official Android app to call its own.Features are as expected, with the ability to browse, search and watch videos as well as uploading your own cinematic creations.

Social network sharing is a given and bookmarking videos to watch later is a handy bonus during unexpected interruptions.

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HaxSync £0.89

Ice Cream Sandwich is beginning its slow rollout to devices other than the Galaxy Nexus and even if your Android weapon of choice has yet to wield Google's latest OS, it's well worth bookmarking this handy app.

HaxSync lets you easily sync your Facebook contacts with your device, automatically updating your contacts' display images with their zany Facebook profile pictures. Duck faces not included.

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Sniper Training Camp £free

If you fancy yourself to be quite the sharpshooter then put your fingers where your mouth is (not literally) and put this sniper game to the test. You lose a life each time you miss, so no mistakes, soldier.

WARNING: will not necessarily make you good at Call of Duty or Battlefield 3.

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