Best Android apps this week

Celebrate Android's 10 billionth app download – by downloading some more

Dragon's Lair £3.32

Guide the cartoony Dirk the Daring to take down the Evil Wizard Mordroc in this faithful Android port of an arcade classic – it's the same price for the smartphone and tablet versions of the app. Nostalgic.

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UCam £Free

This free camera app scans QR codes and has a few quick access portrait and sports modes – plus once you've finished snapping, you can crop and edit images. UCam also features one click photo sharing between the app and your computer. Basic features, yes – but pretty damn useful.

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Hub £Free

If WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger haven't won you over, Yahoo's free group messaging app has just joined the fray. It has some nice features, such as grabbing photos of your contacts for you and push notifications. Let's see what Yahoo can do with this one.

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Extreme Road Trip £Free

Most car games let you drive a few laps through some scenery, and no matter how fast you're going you kind of want to crash. Extreme Road Trip is all about the crash and has racked up plenty of downloads this week for its aerial stunts and explosions.

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Shine Runner £1.59

Some more destruction from the Android Market with this touch and tilt airboat game. The cops are after you as you whizz around selling moonshine, "tobacky" and snake oil to try and turn a tidy profit. Or just smash into swamp shacks and alligators.

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