Best Android apps this week

Here's an Android app or five – who needs weekend plans?

Buildings £Free

If the thought of the beach makes you want to hide under your Spiderman bed covers, take a look at some of the world's greatest architecture this summer armed with Buildings for Android. The app includes photos and commentary on over 40,000 buildings and highlights 'nearby' gems using GPS.

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Apparatus £1.27

Connect planks, wheels and motors to get your marble from A to B in this DIY building game without getting your hands dirty. Read our review here.

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Save Toshi £Free

iPhone users have been saving Toshi for a while now. Why should you bother? Because she's an anime pop star trapped in a 3D puzzle who bizarrely has forgotten how to walk. To progress through the 100 levels you'll need to think in three dimensions, giving it the edge over 2D puzzlers.

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BusMapper London £1.49

Tap on the map of this transport app to see your bus options across London visually unfold. You get mutiple onscreen options to choose from with estimated journey times plus there's even a one click 'Get Me Home' button. Handy for Friday nights.

IronPlane HD £1.21

Fighting aliens in a sci-fi ship battle is the name of the game in this arcade shooter. With touch and motion sensor controls, you've got lasers, atomic missiles and bombs on hand to do the job with a few boss battles thrown in for good measure.


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