Best Android apps this week

So you're sitting around waiting for Android 4.0 to arrive – distract yourself with these apps

Great Little War Game £1.91

A 3D turn-based strategy game that doesn't take itself too seriously, Great Little War Game has campaign, multiplayer and skirmish modes and tons of terrains and units to vary up your battles. The comical sound effects are a nice touch.

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Top Eleven £Free

This football manager game has made the leap from Facebook to Android, bringing with it features like bidding for players, setting up formations and making substitutions mid-match. If you're not feeling too ruthless, you can even arrange "friendlies" with your er, friends.

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iris £Free

Of all the Siri imitators, Iris is surely the cheekiest, taking the prize for most blatant name for a voice assistant app. Apparently developed in just eight hours, this should fare well with jokey questions and search engine requests but as Iris is still very much in alpha stage, it's got some way yet to go.

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Videos £Free

Google unleashed its Android movie rental service on us this week and you'll need to download the free video player to get going. It combines Google's film library with videos you've taken yourself and includes a "make available offline" option for your rentals.

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iOnRoad Augmented Driving £Free

Learner drivers, get this free car safety app stat. It uses your smartphone's camera, GPS and RoadAware algorithms to measure the gaps between vehicles and warn you of collisions with audio and visual alerts. You can also play snitch and take quick snaps of bad drivers with the iOnRoad snapshot assistant.

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