Best Android apps this week

From finding the Higgs Boson to finding a cab in London – tasks of comparable difficulty – is there anything Android apps can't do?

Marvel Comics £Free

Carry Wolverine around in your pocket with the Marvel Comics app – you can browse and download hundreds of titles, also including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America. Choose from panel-by-panel view or zoom and pan across pages for a more authentic experience.

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LHSee £Free

The Large Hadron Collider is pretty much the only experiment that normal folk are interested in, what with breaking the speed of light and the search for dark matter. Join in the hunt for the Higgs Boson (look it up) with this app from Oxford University and CERN's Atlas experiment, with live 3D collisions streamed to your smartphone.

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cab:app £Free

Waving your arm in the street will feel very silly once you've got your hands on the latest taxi-related app for Android. cab:app lets you hail a taxi and track it on a map as you wait. It even has an extra cab-share function for other people in the area who are doing the same journey.

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The Thing: Flamethrower £Free

There's not a lot to this free movie tie-in game but it lets you do one thing well – and that's attack "The Thing", a shapeshifting alien, with a flamethrower. You can also choose to become an alien by infecting yourself – with facial recognition tech making it all the more disturbing.

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Musaic Box Lite £Free

This Android game is an intriguing cross between a detective adventure, puzzle game and a music app – you can't progress through the quaint story without first collecting musical scores and then recreating classical and modern tracks. Upgrade to the full version for 99p.

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