Best Android apps this week

Got Ice Cream Sandwich hunger pangs? Take a bite out of these Android apps instead

Siine Writer Pioneer £Free

Add and edit shortcuts to pre-made phrases and words to speed up your messaging. You can also click on days of the week, a clockface and a calendar. Your favourites can be whatever nonsense words you use most everyday. (Like) boom son.

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Minecraft – Pocket Edition £4.29

It's been knocking around on the Xperia Play for a few weeks but now you can get your hands on 36 different types of building blocks on tons of other Android phones with Minecraft – Pocket Edition. Build shelters to hide from monsters and invite friends into your world too.

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Hotmail £Free

This official Hotmail app supports push email, synced calendar and contacts, sending and viewing attachments and even multiple email accounts. Essential if you're still hanging on to that Hotmail account.

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Jelly Defense 99p

We can't think of any greater achievement on our morning commute than liberating a nation of one-eyed Jelly creatures. If you feel the same way, put your tower building skills and battle tactics to good use in this surreal game.

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Conqu £Free

Pour your life into this no-fuss productivity app – Conqu has Next, Today and Future views to keep you on top of your ever-mounting list of tasks. You can filter by time, energy or tags, relegate activities to the back burner and work offline.

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