Best Android apps this week

iPhone who? These Android apps will blow your smartphone's mind

Paintopia 63p

Android has a lot of catching up to do in the arty apps department; iOS is leagues ahead but Paintopia should help to even the balance. There's a customisable brush tool, multi-touch zoom, custom colour palettes and resizing and rotating features. Just add talent.

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9mm HD £4.99

Gameloft has brought this PS2 game to Android after what must seem a helluva long time for fans of the third-person shooter. Yes, it's pricey but you get to play unfortunately-monikered cop John "Loose" Kannon, take out gangsters with slow-mo dive and shoot stunts and play against your mates in online Deathmatch gunfights.

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Flickr £Free

Although plenty of doppelgangers have beaten it to the Market, the official Flickr app has finally arrived. Android users can now take photos with the in-app camera and upload straight to Flickr, plus play around with filters and share via Facebook, email and Twitter.

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Hipmunk Flight Search £Free

Search for comfortable, convenient flights with this free app. You can sort your results not just by what's cheapest but also by the 'agony' factor – how long you'll travel in total and how many stops there are. You can also book through the app or get codes to pick up where you left off on your computer.

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VEVO £Free

VEVO's 7,500 artists are all over YouTube these days and the online music video site has just shacked up with Facebook. But if you need an Android fix, you can search VEVO's 35,000 strong video library via voice control, watch premieres and exclusive content and buy tracks through Amazon.

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