Best Android apps this week

We've hunted down and dragged these apps back to camp, the least you can do is download them

Super Stickman Golf £Free

This simple golf puzzler is now on Android – meaning your game suddenly got a lot more superpowers. Choose from Ice Ball, Sticky Ball, Air Brakes (freezing the ball in mid-air) and four other power-ups as you make your way throught the 280 hole course.

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Pixlr-o-matic £Free

The retro photo club seem to have an open door policy these days but Pixlr-o-matic would be whisked straight to the big boys' table. The app has 25,000 different filters which you can apply to your existing image library or new snaps.

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Smartr Contacts – Beta £Free

Smartr by Xobni will give you a next-gen contacts book on your Android phone. Profiles are created automatically using info pulled in from email, SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and then the app ranks them by who you chat to most and recommends contacts you have in common with friends.

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Sketch Wars 43p

It's hard to describe why shooting at asteroids looks about 13 times more fun with hand drawn, sketch style graphics and colourful 'Pow!' bubbles but it is. Sketch Wars also has an HD version with dual virtual analogue sticks for Android tablets.

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Play Text Podcaster £Free

Want to listen to news, reviews and comment without the rubbish "banter" from online journos on inane weekly podcasts? Play Text will convert any websites into audio files so that you can stream your daily briefing or download some weighty criticism for later.

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