Best Android apps this week

Your Android handset will want to run slo-mo through a field towards these new apps

Mobli Free

This photo sharing app clearly has its sights on being the next Twitter, but for pictures. Yes, we've already got Twitpic for that but Mobli lets you sort through uploaded images by location, event, people or categories. Plus you can share to Twitter and Facebook.

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Orbital £2.17

An iPhone hit that's made the hike to Android, Orbital only requires one thumb to shoot and destroy lit-up orbs without hitting the grid's "death line" just above your cannon. That leaves one thumb for getting some work done and saving the world.

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GigBeat £Free

Fed up of all the fun iPhone users are having with the Songkick Concerts app? Well, GigBeat hasn't tried to fix an app that ain't broke – instead they've recreated the music library meets concert dates near you magic. And cheekily, GigBeat even pulls in music from and, erm, Songkick.

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R-Type £2.61

We know, we should move on. But for every futuristic AR game, there's a classic arcade shoot-'em-up like R-Type that pops up on the Android Market to tug at our heartstrings. There's eight bosses to defeat with weapons and power-ups to grab along the way.

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The Guardian £Free

If you thought newspapers were only for wrapping up breakable gadgets and fish dinners, chances are you've got a couple of news apps skulking about on your smartphone. And The Guardian does apps better than most with tons of audio and video, live blogs, offline homepage and favourites and full-screen picture galleries.

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