Best Android apps this week

Get your Google going mobile, type better on tablets, download YouTube and play games; all in a week

Google Plus Free

If you’re one of the 20 million blessed with a Google Plus account then an on-the-go version is a must. Free to download, the app can automatically upload pictures and videos to your private cloud space right after you take them. Google's Stream will keep you updated on your friend’s lives as Huddle lets you continue, on your mobile, chats started on your computer. The term "always on" has never been more apt.

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Swift Key Tablet X £3.10

A tablet is so nearly a laptop replacement, but it falls down when using the on-screen keyboard. Swift Key Tablet X for Honeycomb tablets uses a split-screen layout to let you type with fingers and thumbs even if you're all thumbs. Advanced language and correction software mean the only thing slowing you down will be your puny humanoid brain.

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Apparatus £1.25

Half price! Quick! Okay, we're a little over excited perhaps over what is a building game currently in its half-price beta state. But it’s one of those life-destroying time consumers that you’ll be glad you got early – so you can say you saw it first, when people are asking why you look like you haven’t slept in days.

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TubeMate Free

We get it; it’s your mate because it lets you download and save videos and music from YouTube, which you can then watch while underground on the tube. Very clever name. Very clever app too, as it allows you to save as an MP3 or video file – and downloads in the background while you continue to tweet about how good it is.

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WipEout £3.99

The original game in all its musically perfect, anti-gravitational glory. Race six different tracks with a bevy of power-ups including rockets, mines and boosters – all for an affordable price. Top game that works excellently on Android.

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