Best Android apps this week

Android apps for TV buffs, photo fanatics and, erm, ninjas

Historypin Free

For anyone whose idea of history began around the time of the first Apple Mac, Historypin wants to get all AR up in your grille with its maps-meet-old-photos app. You can layer historical photos, take modern replicas or shake for random stories from around the world.

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TV Guide – Virgin Media Free

You’ve forked out for a Virgin Media subscription and a Tivo box – not because you’re glued to the sofa but because sometimes (whisper it) you go out. Virgin Media's now-and-next TV Guide lets you remotely record, so you need never miss another episode of The Sky at Night.

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myPANTONE £5.01

Want your walls the exact shade of that bloke on the tube's jumper? The pricey myPANTONE app is Shazam for colours. Take a photoand myPANTONE grabs the closest match from a palette of over 13,000 shades. Handy for designers and those who want fuchsia living rooms.

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Zombieville USA £1.25

Hunt for zombies as a ninja, clown or survivor in this classic arcade style game for Android phones. In Zombieville USA (also available on iOS) you can choose from 18 different weapons, drive vehicles into the unfriendly undead and hide and grab cash and ammunition.

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Jessops Photo Free

Miss photo prints? Jessops' Photo app lets you order photo prints directly from your Android phone’s camera roll and delivers them to your door. The app doesn't deliver them personally, of course. That's the postman's job.

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