Best Android apps this week

The Android Market's army of apps may not be as strong as Apple's half a million strong battalion but here are the best Android apps this week…

Google Plus £free

Google Plus may be taking the web by storm, but it's the Android Google Plus users who really have something to feel smug about. A slew of treats includes Instant Updates for snaps, unlimited storage on Picassa accounts and push notifications for comments, mentions and Huddle invites.

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CoPilot Live Premium £24.99

CoPilot's popular satnav software has recently undergone a massive update, bringing with it Facebook check-ins, Twitter and Bing integration. You can create your own route by dragging a finger across the screen and there are real time traffic updates. There's also text-to-speech, cut-and-paste, the ability to drive to areas where you have geotagged images and, best of all, the ability to seek out your wheels in the car park at Waitrose.

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Cut the Rope 62p

Om nom, who looks like Jabba the Hutt's mini-me, has been gobbling up treats on the iPhone for ages, while Android users didn't even get a look in. Now it's finally swung into the Android Market. Two words: achingly addictive.

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Samurai II Vengeance £1.78

With a name like Samurai II Vengeance, it's only right this game comes with a huge dose of awesome. You play Daisuke, a masterclass samurai who searches for his arch-enemy Orochi, killing everyone in his path. Messy stuff, but its manga-style graphics are impressive, while the comic book-like colours and drawings all serve to add to its cool stylised look.

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Order and Chaos £4.37

If heroic 3D MMORPG fantasy style games are your thing (it's okay, we won't tell) then head on over to the Android Market and be prepared to part with a considerable amount of cash (for an app). For that, you'll get three months of free play, after which you'll have to fork out a small monthly fee. Think World of Warcraft meets Farmville, and check your bank balance before taking on the inventory of over 1000 skills and 2000 separate bits of kit.

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