The best accessories for your tablet

If Santa stuffed a shiny slate in your stocking this Christmas, here's the kit you need to get the most out of it

Now that Santa's dropped off your shiny new tablet, you'll need to tweak it to your tastes – and what better way to do that than to add some lovely accessories? Here are five of the best to ponder.

ION iCade Core

£70, Amazon UK

If your youth was wisely spent bettering friends at classic arcade games, the ION iCade Core should be on your Christmas wish list. This arcade cabinet-esque controller sits beneath your iPad – and not only does it cradle your tablet in style, it adds arcade-style controls to enhance games with iCade compatibility. We can almost feel the nostalgia.

Twelve South HoverBar

£70, Apple UK Store

When you want Bad Piggies or Angry Birds Star Wars within easy reach, the Twelve South HoverBar for iPad is just the ticket. It attaches your iPad to your Mac, giving you a slice of dual-screen action on the cheap and allowing you to check out your Twitter feed or emails at a glance – if you're feeling productive.

Logitech K810 Illuminated Bluetooth Keyboard

£90, Amazon

Typing on a touchscreen keyboard can be a chore – but the Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard makes greasy finger marks on your screen a thing of the past. Once paired up via Bluetooth, you can type away to your heart's content – even in the dark, thanks to the K810's illuminated keys. Best of all, the K810 can jump between different Bluetooth devices at the touch of a button, saving you a lot of faffing about. Pair it up with the Twelve South HoverBar (above) and you've got the perfect setup for switching between your iPad and iMac.


£75, Apple UK Store

Banish food poisoning with this handy Bluetooth-equipped thermometer. It'll play nice with both iPads and Android tablets, telling you exactly when your food's ready using the associated app – from up to 200 feet away, should you feel the need to wander off. Who needs Michelin stars, eh?

Wacom Bamboo Duo Stylus

£30, Amazon UK

Not all tablets come with a stylus – we're looking at you, iPad – but that doesn't mean you might find one useful. For quick doodles, signing your name or simply browsing the world of iOS, Windows 8 or Android, a stylus can prove more accurate than your sausage fingers. It will help lift your Draw Something pictures from pre-school to perfection.

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