Bentley Supersports "Ice Speed Record" Convertible unveiled at Geneva Show

Break a record, make a limited-edition supercar. It's the Bentley way

When Bentley broke the world ice speed record a few weeks ago they could have celebrated by popping open a bottle of bubbly and chowing down on some cake.

Instead they marked the occasion by introducing the world to its new Supersports "Ice Speed Record" Convertible.

Impressively, this model’s 6-litre, twin-turbocharged W12 engine and 631bhp make it the most powerful Bentley ever, which given their track record is no mean feat. The upshot of all of this muscle is a top speed of 202mph and a  0-60mph speed of 3.8 seconds, placing it in the same company as the humbling Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.


The Supersports ISR also comes with green credentials in that it can run on petrol or bio-ethanol as well as boasting Bentley’s CO2-reducing FlexFuel technology. Tech-heads shouldn’t fear, however, as a 30GB on-board hard drive pairs up nicely with an 8-inch display to provide access to audio, telephone, satnav and DVD functions.


A limited run of only 100 models will be produced – presumably costing more than the standard £182k model – so why not get in early and grab a couple before it’s too late?