Become Spider-Man with this vacuum-powered wall-climbing contraption

Strapping a souped-up hoover to your back with nothing but suction pads keeping you from plummeting to your doom... what could possibly go wrong?

We like vacuum cleaners. They help us clean away most of the shameful consequences of a messy house party while simultaneously keeping rowdy dogs in check.

Up until now though, we never thought their uses could stretch beyond that of cleansing and canine control.

Utah State University Students have created a vacuum backpack (powered by batteries in an ice cream bucket) that drives a pair of hand-held suction pads. They pack enough power to enable users to climb up walls with no handholds.

The Air Force-sponsored competition saw a prize of US$100,000 given to the winning team to improve the design, so here's hoping that we'll see an improved version in time for Christmas – we've got baddies to catch, Spidey-style.

Check out the video below, and join the waiting list of aspiring superheroes.


[via Dvice]

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