Beatles Rock Band – prices and kit detailed

Harmonix has just dropped a whole slew of info on the recently announced Beatles Rock Band, confirming special instruments and a price tag for the gam

Due to land on 9 September, Beatles Rock Band will cost a hefty £179.99 on these shores. For that Fab Four fanatics will get the game, a Hofner Bass controller just like Macca's, Ludwig–branded drums with that famous logo, a microphone and microphone stand.

More eagle–eyed gadgeteers will have spotted that this doesn't include a guitar, meaning you'll have to either buy them separately or use the regular models you've shoved in the corner of your front room.

Obviously this is great if you're planning your own versions of Revolution 9, Tomorrow Never Knows or Eleanor Rigby. Not so good if you want to play the 200 or so other songs featuring guitar parts by John, George and Paul.

That rather major issue aside, we're gagging to get our hands on Beatles Rock Band. While you wait, you can see what we made of the awesome Guitar Hero Metallica.