Beatles Rock Band gets Höfner bass controller

We'd already had word that we could expect a couple of exclusive instruments in the limited edition Beatles Rock Band bundle, and now a picture has su

A replica Höfner bass guitar based on the one played by Paul McCartney will be one of the included instruments, alongside Ringo's Ludwig-branded drums.

These will both be included in the bundle priced at £179.99, with the two other instruments we heard about last week to be priced up separately.

However, there is one inconsistency with the Höfner in that it was obviously made with right-handed bassists in mind, when big Beatles fans will know Sir Paul was a leftie.

If you can get over that, and manage to pull three mates together – you could have a rather authentic looking Beatles tribute band, albeit alongside a pretty big hole in your bank balance.

The bundle is to be launched on 9 September, the same time as the solo game, so it's probably best to start saving.