The Beatles Rock Band confirmed

Well, they just wouldn't let it be. Harmonix and MTV have discovered that money can buy them love, penning a deal with Apple Corps to release The Beat

Dodgy Fab Four puns aside, the new title is said to take a full look at The Beatles career, from sweaty nights in the Cavern to pathetic legal backbiting in Twickenham Studios. Sounds great to us.

Naturally, the instruments are said to reflect those used by John, Paul, George and Ringo. That means Rickenbackers and Hofner basses all round. Whether we'll have to play the latter left–handed, a la Macca, remains to be seen.

The game has been pegged for release later this year, with more details being drip fed to Beatles mad fans as the year goes on. Needless to say, we feel fine. Ahem.


The Beatles Rock Band

Price: From £TBA

On sale: 9 September

Contact: The Beatles Rock Band