The Beatles on iTunes coming September 9?

So we've got rumours of a camera-toting iPod Touch and, of course, the near-mythical Apple Macbook Tablet arriving at an Apple even on September 9. Wh

The digitally remastered Beatles catalogue is due to drop on September 9, the same day as the Beatles Rock Band hoves into view. An Apple announcement is rumoured to be scheduled for then too. Coincidence? Or the ultimate thawing of the Apple vs Apple feud.

For years Apple Computers and Apple Corp tussled in the courts but the time for the Beatles to wind up on iTunes has been inching ever closer.

George Harrison's son Dhani has previously talked about the Beatles launching their own download store and criticised the iTunes Store's pricing model. But Apple has showed new flexibility with pricing that could have headed that issue off.

Sir Paul 'Thumbs Aloft' McCartney told the Guardian last month that negotiations had stalled. But could the absence of master deal maker Steve Jobs have been the problem? With the black clad svengali back in the hot seat, things may have changed.

While we're primed to see the Apple Mac Tablet as the September Apple event's "just one more thing", bringing the Beatles to iTunes would be an exciting prospect. Especially if Apple plans to tie the move with its mysterious bundled content package, the tasty sounding Cocktail.