Beatles coming to iTunes

[intro]iPod maker Apple has finally settled, once and for all, its dispute with Beatles' record label Apple. Get set for Beatlesmania on iTunes.[/i

One of the most surprising parts of Steve Jobs's recent Macworld keynote - aside from the launch of a certain phone - was the fact that the Apple boss chose to play a Beatles tune during his demonstration.

The Beatles' music, lest we forget, are not available for download through any service. The band has also been a thorn in the side of Jobs's computer company since George Harrison first saw an ad for Apple computers back in 1980. After various legal entanglements, culminating in last year's iTunes case, it seemed very unlikely that the Beatles and the brand formerly known as Apple Computers would ever see eye to eye. Despite the fact that Jobs is a huge fan of the Beatles and, according to legend, actually named his company after the label of his favourite band.

But today came surprise news that the disputes had been settled once and for all, and Apple - the computer company - had taken total control of the trademark, which it would license back to the Beatles for use on their records.

Suddenly, the Jobs's choice of music at the keynote begins to make sense, paving the way for the Beatles songs to appear on iTunes. At last, we'll be able to buy the songs we already own on LP, cassette and CD all over again. Maybe we'll even get a special range of coloured iPods: Yellow Submarine, Yer Blue and I'm So Ti Red?