Beatles catalogue, meet iTunes

Everyone relax. The Beatles are now on iTunes

The world's most famous back catalogue went on sale in Apple's digital shop today.

Fab Four fans can now buy The Beatles albums (or songs) on iTunes. But downloading the 13 records (and two Past Masters collections) that constitute The Beatles Box Set will set them back £125, only a fiver less than Amazon is charging for the physical box.

So, if you've waited nearly eight years for the two Apples to shake hands on a sales deal and offer up digitized versions of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Help!, you've done yourself out of physical backups of your collection at around 1411kbps (versus iTunes' 256kbps), proper liner notes and a DVD of mini Beatles documentaries. Oops.

On the plus side, you'll save yourself five quid and a couple of hours ripping the CDs to your iTunes library.

Apple's individual pricing for The Beatles oeuvre is 99p per song and £11 per album (or £18 for double albums).

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