Beans on toast from a single device? Yes we can

Tefal Toast N Bean heats half a tin of baked beans while it toasts your bread – perfect for the lazy luncher

When it comes to a quick and easy lunch you can't do much better for effortlessness than beans on toast. Or so we thought: it turns out that preparing this simple dish can be made even simpler.

The answer is Tefal's Toast N Bean, an aptly-named device that combines a two-slot toaster with what can only be described as a "bean warmer" – a receptacle that can accommodate and heat up half a tin of Heinz's finest.

But it doesn't end there. No sirree. There's also a facility for boiling and poaching eggs on board. There you have it: a fully-rounded meal cooked by a single counter-top gizmo. You can buy the Toast N Bean for around £45.

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