Be a fashion rebel and print your own makeup with Mink

The Mink printer can produce makeup in any shade without killing your bank account. Bye bye, cosmetics industry
Be a fashion rebel and print your own makeup with Mink

The beauty industry is big business, but its days are numbered thanks to Mink.

Canny inventor Grace Choi has created Mink, a printer that lets you sample any colour on a screen and print it out as makeup.

Choi says that corporations are making a killing by charging a premium for a basic feature: colour. While budget or discount brands are forced by economies of scale to offer fewer shades, consumers who want more makeup options have to go to pricier retailers.

So she's come up with a printer that's able to replicate any shade of makeup imaginable, right from the comfort of your own home.

Any shade can be yours

Mink works on the same principle as an inkjet printer; mixing substrates and ink, it can print out lipsticks, powders, creams and foundations.

With Mink plugged into your PC, you'll be able to simply go online, sample any colour you want on the screen, send the hex code to your Mink, and print it out.

The makeup produced is created from the same FDA-approved substrates used by major makeup brands, and Choi's demo at the Disrupt convention in New York showed how easily powder eyeshadow was created just by taking the shade from a YouTube video.

You can easily sample a shade from photographs, videos, or swatches. The Internet then becomes your online shopping store without actually having to shop for products, just the colour.

Choi states that makeup margins (as high as 38%) are the highest compared to all other products. Mink, as it doesn't have to actually produce the makeup, has much lower margins, which is great news for consumers.

Mink is expected to be priced around US$300 when it launches, likely later this year. Head on over to the Mink website and request an invite for when the printer goes on sale. 

[Source: Techcrunch]

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