BBM still down, BlackBerry blames 'core switch failure'

It's day three of BBM's inadvertent hiatus. BlackBerry finally pipes up and it's about time

BlackBerry Messenger is supposed to be instant, always on and always working. So, BBM addicts and avid BlackBerry users must be going out of their minds right now, given that today marks day three of the unexplained BBM/email/internet hiatus, which has affected BlackBerry users all over the world.

While irate BBM users are calling for RIM to reimburse fees for the lack of service, RIM finally piped up on Twitter last night stating "Message delays were caused by a core switch failure in RIM's infrastructure. Now being resolved. Sorry for inconvenience." While this means absolutely nothing to the average consumer, what it basically boils down to is equipment failure.

BlackBerry has failed to comment further or give any indication as to when normality will be resumed, and there hasn't even been so much as a hint of reimbursement.

So while BBM users descend into madness, forced to be sociable and use other social networks to vent their fury, RIM is hopefully pulling out the all the stops to rectify the situation before its customers start shopping elsewhere.

BlackBerry's woes are great news for Apple, which releases its rival iMessage service today. Coincidence?


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