BBM for Android screenshots leaked

RIM'S uber popular instant messenger service shows up on Android

It looks as if BBM for Android has been the victim of a web leak, with the first pictures showing off BlackBerry Messenger running on an Android smartphone popping up on the web.

Reportedly from a RIM employee, the leaked screenshots – spotted by Techradar – clearly show off a BlackBerry Messenger icon on the Android homescreen, right next to the BlackBerry Developer icon.

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have also noticed the picture of a Beta version of a contact's profile page, listing the name, PIN and status. The fact you can actually read 'Nicole's' PIN immediately catapults the pics into dubious territory, but if true, they go some way to confirming that RIM will be bringing BBM to Android as an available app in the Android Market.

With not even so much as a hint about an official launch date, or any information for that matter, BBM on Android is still as elusive as ever. We're still waiting for Android to put in an appearance on the PlayBook.


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