BBC Sport reveals plan to win the tablet World Cup

Watching football on only one screen just won't do these days – find out what the Beeb has in store for our tablets and mobiles during Brazil's World Cup…
BBC World Cup app

Tablets were barely out of the tech youth team during the 2010 World Cup, but the BBC is planning to make them the Xavi-like fulcrum of its digital coverage during this summer's tournament.

To complement its 160 hours of coverage during the tournament (that's 50% more than 2010 we're afraid, football haters), the Beeb has produced some neat second screen features that will be available via its live World Cup web page and BBC Sport app.

During games you'll be able to watch match highlights moments after they happen (so no more waiting until half-time if you miss the start) and, if the TV commentary team aren't to your liking, tune into 5Live commentary that's been synced with the live stream.

Live action

BBC World Cup app

The World Cup page will also have live polls with real-time voting and player cams trained on Fifa-selected stars from each team. Perfect if you want to watch Wayne Rooney getting increasingly irate on your tablet like an angry Pokémon, though perhaps not quite as useful as a ref-cam.

If you miss a whole day's worth of matches, the BBC will also be producing a daily, 15-minute Breakfast programme that you'll be able to download the morning after via the iPlayer app and watch during your commute. And for keeping up with scores, the BBC Sport app will also give you push updates on goals scored by your chosen teams.

All pretty exciting for tablet-toting football fans – never will we have been able to watch England fail from so many angles, on so many devices.

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