BBC kicks off online TV streaming

Since TV schedules are dying out, any online source that pumps our favourite TV shows directly into our faces whenever we demand wins in our book. So

The ramped-up service works on Mac, Linux machines as well as those Windows computers we hear are a bit popular. Users download and install the special BBC-themed programme, pick a show and start streaming.

You can still download your favourite shows from iPlayer, which still involves the usual restrictions: watch it in 30 days or it vanishes from your comp, once you watch it though it vanishes anyway.

The streaming iPlayer aims to make friends with half the net; you’ll be able to link to various clips of BBC TV shows on your own site and pretty soon you’ll be able to embed them ala YouTube.

Not only that but iPlayer will also offer up the best of the week’s BBC radio offerings. Heh… BBC Radio7 makes us laugh.

Take a gander at the new service on the BBC website, but even if you don’t you wont be able to miss it during the festive TV period as that’s when the Beeb plan on pimping across all its channels.

That’s fine though. As long as we get our Alan Partridge-on-demand, we’re happy.


BBC iPlayer

Price: £free

On sale: Available now