BBC, ITV, Channel 4 agree online TV pact

The BBC, ITV and Channel 4 have agreed to combine their powers to put their shows onlineBitter TV enemies BBC, Channel 4 and that ITV have put their s

Bitter TV enemies BBC, Channel 4 and that ITV have put their sticks and stones away long enough to hammer out an agreement. ‘What on?’ You might ask.

They’re teaming up to create a distribution system for their TV programmes online; from streaming to downloads. And they’ll create an all-new, all-in-one portal for downloading from all the channels.

Yes, we know, they all already have their own online portals for doing just that. The BBC has iPlayer, Channel 4 has 4oD and ITV has, uh, a website.

They’ve obviously decided that combining efforts to sell their wares in a digital age is better for us lot, the consumers. Why? Well, that remains a mystery. They said it’s for our convenience, to give us an easier time.

Another reason, just handed to us on a bit of paper, is it’s cheaper. Also, and this is a reason we found down the back of the sofa, their combined might will crush any opposition – like cable, US TV equivalents, IPTV services and illegal downloading to name but four – or just make them all look a bit small in comparison.

You see, TV online is going to be big. Mark our words. So corporations like the BBC, and TV channels like ITV, don’t want to lose out. They want Two Pints and Bad Girls to carry on forever.