BBC iPlayer heads to Archos and Samsung MP3s

The BBC iPlayer has already colonised a string of games consoles, the N96 and the iPhone. And today Auntie is taking its ever–popular video&ndas

Writing on the BBC Internet blog, their main web guru, Anthony Rose says the player will now be rocking the S and E Series Walkmans, the Archos 605 and the new Archos internet tablets, Philips GoGear 52 series and the Samsung P2 and Q1.

Sure, we already knew the Walkmans would be getting involved, but now the slinky new Archos is part of the game, watching TV on the move should be a whole lot easier.

Rose says because these devices support Windows Media Protected playback, they all play nicely with downloads. However, he has said that any downloading to the iPod or iPhone is still a way off, with Apple keeping their DRM very closely to their chests. At least you can stream iPlayer over Wi–Fi to your Touch or iPhone, huh?

The Beeb is said to be testing more devices, so keep it here for more news on where you can get BBC iPlayer. It looks like decent mobile TV is at last getting off the ground in the UK.


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