BBC iPlayer heading to iPad this week

The Beeb’s on-demand catch-up service finally arrives on Apple’s tablet this Thursday

This is yet to be firmed up by the powers that Beeb (see what we did there?), but we hear the broadcaster’s finally bringing iPlayer to the iPad as an app. Goggle-eyed tableteers in the UK will be able to download the app on Thursday, enabling 3G programme browsing. Expect a tablet-optimised interface, too.

As with the existing web app, you’ll only be able to stream Newsnight (okay, Eastenders) via Wi-Fi and there’s no mention of a sister app for iPhone yet. On the plus side the app will be free to TV licence payers, with a paid international version said to be rolling out to the US in summer. Because Californians want to know what’s going on in Tahrir (okay, Albert) Square, too.

EDIT: According to the BBC Internet Blog, there's an Android iPlayer app as well. And BOTH will be available this week. BBC FTW!