BBC iPlayer coming to Freesat in 2009

Getting iPlayer on your PMP these days is as easy as writing a Twitter post. Try and get the BBC's on–demand service on your TV and you're eithe

Well, that's all set to change. Because a Panasonic exec has let slip that iPlayer will be coming to Freesat this year. The news comes hot on the heels of Panny's own plans for Viera Cast tech, beaming web TV through your telly.

Electricpig nabbed the full details, with Panasonic suit Matthew Billing saying that while the BBC has a lack of manpower to get iPlayer onto everything at once, the service will be on the free satellite service in 2009.

It's cracking news and will be a breeze to set up seeing as all Freesat boxes and TVs comes rocking an Ethernet port for getting the web to play nice. Plus it'll save you a bundle on that Virgin subscription.

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