BBC iPlayer comes to Nokia N96

The BBC iPlayer has already wormed its way into the iPhone, weedled onto the Wii and wound up on the PS3. And now Nokia has announced that you’l

Anyone with one of the just released blowers will be able to download or stream content using the power of Wi–Fi and, brilliantly, 3G too. With the iPhone service not offering over–the–air downloads, you can bet Nokia will be shouting from the roof tops about this one.

Obviously, it won’t cost you a penny, as long as your date package is hefty or you’re in a wireless hot spot. Either way, you’ll be able to watch last night’s EastEnders or just build yourself up for that evening’s pub quiz with an episode of Eggheads.

Seeing as the N96’s TV tuner will be pretty much useless here in the UK, this more than makes up for it. And with up to 24GB of storage, you’ll be able to stash tons of shows too. Good times!

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BBC iPlayer on Nokia N96

Price: £Free

On sale: Now

Contact: Nokia