BBC iPlayer catch-up window extended to 30 days

You now get a whole month to savour your favourite telly and radio programmes
BBC iPlayer

With box-set binge-watching becoming increasingly common, the BBC iPlayer's seven-day catch-up window is starting to look a bit short.

Fortunately, Auntie agrees; the BBC is increasing the availability period for programmes on iPlayer and iPlayer Radio to 30 days. The move was first announced in April, but is only now being introduced – just in time for the autumn schedule.

The service will be rolled out to all connected devices using BBC iPlayer; though owners of Virgin Media TiVo, YouView and BT Vision boxes will have to wait until they're upgraded to the new version of iPlayer. The 30-day availability window will initially apply to streaming programmes only, and will be added to downloaded programmes "soon."

The 30-day window will not apply to some shows for contractual reasons – Match of the Day, Crimewatch and news bulletins will be available for shorter periods, while some current affairs programmes will have a longer window of availability.

[Source: BBC Internet Blog]