Battlefield 4 coming in 2013

It’s a long time to wait for Battlefield 4 – but in the meantime there's the Armoured Kill DLC to tide you over

Battlefield 3 is probably still in your console – but time marches on, and EA and DICE have already announced that Battlefield 4 is on its way for 2013.

If that seems a little too long to wait, fear not – you'll still be getting your Battlefield fix in the meantime, in the form of the Armoured Kill update pack for Battlefield 3, set to arrive in September. The DLC pack includes four new maps including a snow level, five new vehicles like tanks and ATVs, 20 vehicle-specific benefits, and a new flying gunship.

While thinking about the graphics of a next gen console running Battlefield 4 makes the hair stand up on our necks, Armoured Kill will tide us over nicely – to keep your twitchy gaming digits distracted, check out the Armoured Kill video below and we’ll let you know when we have more details on Battlefield 4.

[Via CNET]

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