Bat's cool

Admit it: even though you're not yet sure what this object is, you already know that you want it. The good news is that you're justified. This new wireless Batman game looks awesome

Now you've seen the 'gauntlets', you're reaching for your wallet, but this isn't out until September so relax. Thinkway Toys want to get you off the couch, so don your armoured chest plate (pictured next to the intro), and your gloves and become Batman.

Motion sensors monitor your punches and recreate them on your TV screen as you fight, sideways-scroller-style, a number of famous Batman villains. Kicks, however, are actuated using buttons inside the gloves, so it won't be too much of a workout for you. Although we're willing to bet that you'll be kicking the air anyway, just with the excitement.

No news yet on price or stockists, but believe us, as soon as we get a set in the office we'll let you know.