Batman’s best gadgets

Holy shark repellent, Robin! Batman’s no stranger to a gadget, but these are our favourites from the Dark Knight’s back pages

Bat-Shark Repellent Spray

Batman (1966)

Batman has something for every situation – and we mean every situation. During the 1960s live action series the cape crusader found himself in a spot of trouble with a shark, albeit not a very realistic one. Luckily, he had enough shark repellent left to fend off the fishy attacker. In quintessential Batman fashion, the shark – totally unnecessarily – explodes.


Batman (1989)

Of all the various depictions of the Batmobile, Tim Burton really nailed the design with this Corvette-styled classic. It was packed with modern gadgetry – voice control, ceramic fractal armour, grappling hooks, Batdisc ejectors, oil-slick dispensers and smoke emitters – and while we never saw the stereo, we’re pretty sure there must have been a Prince CD spinning away within.

Bat Pod

The Dark Knight (2008)

Your over-the-top military-funded Bat-tank has failed you? No worries, take this oversized monster of a motorbike instead. A Harley on steroids, the Bat Pod is an agile replacement for that beastly Batmobile with better maneouvrability, speed and downright coolness. The attached machine-guns make mincemeat out of anything that crosses their path, and that grappling hook is a useful tool for flipping large trucks in a manner so spectactular it made our list of 25 best movie stunts.

Sonar Batsuit

Batman Forever (1995)

Val Kilmer had an upgrade from the panther-esque number worn at the beginning of the 1995 film – the third act showed the caped crusader donning a more damage-resistant, agile and thankfully nipple-less suit, with the ability to ‘see’ using sonar. Much-like Christian Bale's Batsuit in The Dark Knight, the suit has lenses that automatically slide over the cowl’s eye holes, enabling Batman to view a sonar-projected image of his surroundings – perfect for bashing enemies in the face in darkness.

The Bat

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

If the buck for Batman’s flying vehicles stops with Christopher Nolan, the Bat is his reply. The military-spec design is nothing less than you’d expect from the labs of Lucius Fox. And yes, Mr Wayne, it does come in black.

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