Barnes & Noble outs UK-bound Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets

Can’t decide whether to get a Kindle Fire HD or a Nexus 7? Barnes and Noble’s Nook HD aims to make your decision even harder

The battle is heating up in the 7in tablet war. Google’s Nexus 7 appeared to be holding up well against Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, but a new entry on the scene promises to put an HD cat among the mid-size tablet pigeons. It’s Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD.

The 7in tablet – like Amazon’s offering – runs a skinned and gated version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, has a Retina Display-bashing 243ppi, 720p hi-res screen and will sell in the UK for £160.

With a dual-core 1.3GHz processor ticking away in the superlight (315g) shell, it’ll pick up its media wares from the Nook Store, where 2.5 million books, movies, TV shows and magazines await, as well as a curated selection of Android apps.

The Nook HD is accompanied by a 9in big brother, the Nook HD+, which weighs in at 515g, packs a 1920x1280 256ppi display and will sell from £230.

Both tablets will be available from November.

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