Barclays brings contactless payment to Orange mobiles

Too many bulges in your trousers? You wallet might not be one for long now Quick Tap payments can be made from your phone

Counting out your pennies on the counter in front of a queue is evil. Barclays tackled the problem by introducing contactless payment technology into its cards. Now it’s teamed up with Orange to bring Quick Tap payment to mobiles. The Quick Tap service lets users load up to £100 onto their Orange SIMs and, for security, limits spend to £15 per payment. At the moment it’s limited to Samsung Toco Lite handsets. With 10 per cent cashback on all purchases for the first three months in 50,000 shops, we expect it to catch on. Or we would if we thought the early adopters likely to use Quick Tap were Tocco Lite users. Hopefully HTC will come good on its NFC announcement and Apple will change it's mind about putting NFC in the iPhone 5.


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