Bamboo MacBook Pro cases launched

The classiest MacBook Pro case we've seen – and there's an iPad version coming soon

Bamboo probably isn't your first choice as a partner in crime for your unibody aluminium MacBook Pro but we've taking a shining to Silva and Grass Wood Co's incoming line-up of bamboo cases for your Apple wares.

With the 13in and 15in MacBook Pro cases on sale now for £170, we've also been promised a bamboo iPad case in January 2012 with MacBook Air cases to follow later in the year. Grass Wood Co reckons that since bamboo only take 3-4 months to grow, the range is suitably eco-friendly for guilty gadget addicts.

And if you don't care about the environment (or pandas), there's always the case itself, machined out of a single piece of bamboo then hand assembled and sanded, to fawn over.

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