Balls to PCs

Bored by the same old beige PC case? Bit of a sportsfan too, are we? Style-Gate may just have your perfect PC. If, that is, you want a PC the shape of a piece of sports equipment

Now Stuff only has images to go on, so can't be particularly categorical in its assertions regarding Style-Gate's PCs, but they actually look pretty special. Available in basketball, football and american football (whatever that is) varieties, the Pentium M-toting aluminium contraptions are all hand-built and about a foot square in size. Fan-free VIA processors are also available for those who hate noise beyond all things, and there's a nice bar on the front that glows in seven (count 'em) different colours.

All models have connectivity galore (USB2.0, FireWire, Ethernet et al), though most of the specs look fairly rudimentary. No word on whether they'll ever be available in sunny Blighty, so keep your fingers crossed.

Gagging for info? Head to Style-Gate's website.