Badboot Lido is a ferry swimming pool that's coming in August

If you’re an Antwerp resident you can enjoy swimming in the river, without getting in the cold water

A swimming pool floating in water might seem a bit redundant. But imagine taking a dip in warm, clear water while floating along a river enjoying the scenery. Or in winter – when this ferry swimming pool becomes an ice rink – skating while floating down stream.

The plan is for the converted ferry, named Badboot Lido, to be a 40 metre (141ft) pool in summer and ice rink in winter. The total vessel length is 120 metres, leaving plenty of room for a swanky bar, a restaurant, and two event venues. But it’s not all about fun as it's energy efficient too. There's all LED lighting, a reed bed purification system, and a pool reservoir that stores the water at night to prevent evaporation while keeping it clean and warm.

This super party boat should be built by August, but if you want a go you’ll need to make your way to Antwerp in Belgium where it’ll live. And be sure to get there early as there’s a capacity limit of 600 people, making it the world’s largest outdoor swimming centre.

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