Back to the Future Lego set gets approved

Merging everyone's favourite building blocks with the legendary time travelling trilogy? Great Scott!

We're massive fans of Lego here at Stuff HQ, but every now and again there comes a set that hits our nerd senses harder than most. The latest culprit of this Lego sensory overload is the confirmation of an official Lego Back to the Future set.

After receiving 10,000 votes on Lego's fan design voting site Cuusoo, the Back to the Future set will undergo evaluation before being produced in a limited edition run featuring all three versions of the DeLorean, Doc, and Marty from each movie in the trilogy.

We've seen the same thing happen before with the Lego Minecraft set, and we for one plan on strapping a mini motor to Doc's blocky DeLorean before cranking it up to 88mph. We can't wait.

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